The Hybrid Locomotive

State of the art electrical powertrain with advantages of a diesel generator for unlimited range.

We have built our modern electric locomotive over the classic LDH 1250 CP. We kept and improved some old and reliable parts and added modern technology. In the end, we have come up with a unique solution by retrofitting an old locomotive and obtaining a product that is highly competitive.

The hybrid locomotive is the revolutionary and cost-effective solution for transforming the old school diesel–hydraulic locomotive into a modern powerhouse for your business. We came up with some remarkable innovations that make our locomotive one of the best solutions in the world right now for hunting and working in an industrial environment.

Our hybrid locomotive is in compliance with European demands concerning pollutant emissions and noise generation. Every component has been tested and complies with strict rules that are in place for the railway industry.

The hybrid locomotive gets charged by the diesel generator onboard giving great advantages regarding the range and the availability.

The Knorr breaking system with electro-pneumatic control functions ensures an appropriate level of safety and it protects the wheels against blocking during the braking process.

Take your productivity to the next level

Hybrid Locomotive maintains excellent technical compatibility with other railway vehicles within the maneuver fleets and other fixed installations forming the railway infrastructure.
Hybrid Locomotive is stable while rolling, obeys the regulated speeds and ensures the parameters of wheel-track contact. By using the remote control, human errors are diminished while exploiting the Hybrid Locomotive.

Modern technology retrofitted on a classical diesel-hydraulic locomotive

Our technical solution is used right now on Arcelor Mital platform in Galati by 9 battery operated locomotives developed and transformed in our depot. The locomotives generate savings in excess of 960.000€ every year with improved reliability and reduced chemical and noise pollution.

A hybrid locomotive starting from 598.000€?

You can get a modern locomotive with hybrid powertrain starting from 598.000€ without taxes. Our team and partners worked hard to come up with a stunning product that can make your business leap forward. You will have access to reliable locomotives that reduce the cost of operation for shunting and leaves your business with money to spear.

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