The Plug-In Hybrid Locomotive

The LHy-M locomotive project is a world premiere through its technical concept, competitive / comparative advantages and the exploitation potential. 70% reduction in pollutant emissions, 30-60% reduction in specific consumption and 15% maintenance redution through the conversion of old Diesel hydraulic locomotives. 10,298 Diesel Locomotives are over 36 years old must be replaced in Europe by 2025 due to pollution reglementation.


Plug In-Hybrid

Modern technology developed in Romania that meets the environmental and economic needs of todays businesses. Romania EUROEST has implemented technologies capable of providing more economic competitiveness.  


Performance is a team sport. Over time, we have succeeded in creating a true family to carry out our plans for the future.

Step by step

From the locomotive repair and maintenance, to the Electric Locomotive with Accumulators (LEA) locomotive and now to the product representing the tip of the development.

Our values

Trust, excellence, but above all fairness are our core values. From production to development we are guided by these principles that allow us a direction that leads to performance and economic competitiveness.
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